DC is known as the city of average – or below average – by all who are stuck here.  Or maybe it’s just me, having lived in many much cooler places in my short life, but with enough experience to know the difference.  Average people with average looks, average taste and below average styles… this blog will catalog the tourists and locals alike in completely non-biased, fact-based stories and pictures.  We will discuss the snobby rich people who feel entitled to the world on a silver spoon; the ghetto-rich with earrings spelling names like “Sha’quanda” and the like; house mothers who go out in jordache jean shorts TO A CLUB; and of course, the fat, ugly, uneducated tourists that block our Metro exits at busy stops like Metro center because they are trying to read the station map and are too large to actually be out of the way or too oblivious to realize they are in the way in the first place.  Please feel free to comment or add your own captions to pictures.  Let’s go!


2 responses to “WELCOME!

  1. Thank you 🙂 being that I’ve lived my entire 28 years in DC, this is my new fav blog site!!! My favorite tourists (read- most hated) are the classroom-sized group of teens in matching T-shirts that randomly stand in a blob talking way too loudly in order to justify their own existance blocking any needed entrance, intersection, or wherever you need to be going until the perky adult comes along to herd them along to the next stand-around-and-wait-place-people need to use for walking. I didn’t see any Union Station pics, there’s always “fun” tourists there! Can’t wait to read more from you.

  2. Thanks Michelle. I will try my best not to disappoint you. Any pictures you take will be gladly accepted at dctouristsandlocals@gmail.com.

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