This story demonstrates the epitome of the Northern Virginia (also known as the People’s Republic of Northern Virginia) elitist behavior. It’s as if no one has knocked these people down and said “who do you think you are? You live in VIRGINIA for God’s sake! Sit down and shut up.” So anyway, I’m walking into a local bakery where I get coffee frequently, and an older woman (65-70) appears to be walking out at the same time. She has something in her hand as she walks up to the door… and stops.  She appears to be looking at me as I approach, I think because she hopes that I’ll open the door so she won’t spill her coffee.  So I open the door to let her pass, and she JUST WALKS completely ignoring me. It’s as if she thinks the door just magically opened on its own because she was staring at it. Not only does she not say thank you (or nod, or smile, or even look at me or my friend) but she almost runs my friend over as she walks out, making him jump to the side. My friend just stares at me in disbelief as the woman plows forward, so I say audibly “you’re welcome” and walk inside. As we’re standing in line talking about the crazy rude lady who apparently thinks that we were all just sent here to serve her, SHE COMES BACK! It took a few minutes to register, but when it did, here she comes with a vengeance. Then she starts SCREAMING “How dare you make me feel like I was rude.” … um, what? “You made me feel so rude!!” So I say, “That’s because you are. It’s ok, I’m over it.” Well she goes on and on about how dare I do this and that and how dare I expect a thank you for opening the door. Does anyone really think this lady has a leg to stand on here? I thought this was the south – aren’t people supposed to be polite in the south? Guess not. I told her to relax and that I was only kidding, but she finishes her tirade and finally leaves so I can order my coffee. To this day my friend asks me if I’ve beat up any old ladies lately at the coffee shop.


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