DC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Gimme some food!

Gimme some food!

mmmmm tourists!

mmmmm tourists!


One of the few things that is cool about DC is our squirrels. When I first saw a black squirrel, I thought it was either the runt of a skunk litter or a giant rat that somehow learned to climb trees. I actually screamed and slammed the back door while my Gtown roomies laughed at me. Someone apparently imported these black squirrels to feed on the tourists. They are very cute, and very brave. They must be pro’s at suckering the tourists into feeding them, because this guy almost jumped me. The ones in the woods by my house are not so forward.


2 responses to “DC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

  1. Those Brits love their red squirrels – loyal reader Sarah sent me this link – Save a squirrel by eating one: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/07/dining/07squirrel.html?em

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