Entitlement / Obnoxious locals

I went skiing this weekend along with every McMansion-dwelling elite Washingtonian who wasn’t at the country club this weekend. Towards the end of the day I took a break to sit inside and drink coffee while my friends continued down the slopes. This break turned into the end of my snowboarding because I realized how tired I was and didn’t want to go wait in those long lift lines anymore. Anyway, the point is that I was in the lodge for about an hour and a half drinking coffee and reading the paper at a chair in the corner. Next to me was one of those comfy armchairs, and during my stay approximately three people took turns sitting there. One lady was sitting there when another woman approached, and said one of the rudest, entitlemnet-driven things I’ve possibly ever heard. She said “That’s my seat, and my kids can only find me if I sit there, so do you mind giving it back?” WOW. Last time I checked, this was a first-come-first-serve seating area, and I’d been there for 1.5 hours, never once seeing this woman sitting in this chair. Her name was not on it, nor was any of her stuff. AND there were four chairs at my table that she could have sat in that were approximately 2 feet from the armchair. I thought, are her kids really so dumb that they couldn’t find her within the 20’x20′ room anywhere but that particular chair? She is lucky I wasn’t sitting there, because I thought of several things to say to her. I really have to give the lady credit who was sitting there – she gave a slightly dirty look, shook her head as if to say “biotch” but actually gave up the seat! As if that wasn’t bad enough, the rude woman then puts her coat and bag on the chair AND LEAVES! She was gone about 10 minutes. She seriously kicked someone out of a seat so that she could put her crap there and go to the bathroom. I sat in my seat just to see if she’d try to kick me out once her “kids” arrived. Her “kids” apparently consisted of a husband and one boy about 15 yeard old. Unbelievable.

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