Stuff Tourists Like – The Map

If we’re going to document stuff Washingtonians like, why not include stuff tourists like? We all know that there are certain essentials that tourists must carry. They are the beacons that tell pick-pockets “Rob me! I have lots of money and expensive items on my person just waiting to be sold on ebay.” This guy is sporting the tourist essential known as the map, and possibly the fanny-pack, but I can’t confirm. Tourist will ESPECIALLY need maps during the inauguration. How else will they find where their tour bus is parked?? We’ll keep a running list of essential tourist items.


“Hannah, don’t go anywhere until daddy consults the map!”


7 responses to “Stuff Tourists Like – The Map

  1. (Sidenote: The Mom CLEARLY is about to backhand her child.)

    Also a dead giveaway are the Parents’ LL Bean footwear. “Sensible and rugged.”

    **P.S., I am personally offended that you unapproved my Black Squirrels Post comment. Not really. But COME ON that post was just SCREAMING racial commentary! Just look what you titled it!


  2. Aaron Goldfarb

    Ooooh…I missed Ummmmmheyyyy’s racial commentary comment. What’d she say?

    Believe me, Ummmmmheyyyy, I never unapprove any comments on my blog. And many of them are dogging on me!

  3. dctouristsandlocals

    I apologize for that – I was teasing the line with the post title, but I thought the comment went too far over it.

  4. too far – it’s what i do. 🙂

  5. Aaron Goldfarb, you should probably use OpenID so i can actually FIND your blog. hint hint?

  6. dctouristsandlocals

    It’s under my “sister site” on the right side ->

  7. Aaron Goldfarb

    I don’t know why my blog wasn’t linking. Whatever. I started the rip-on-tourist revolution.

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