Attention fat tourists

Pastel pink is not your color. In fact, anything besides black is probably a mistake.

Very accentuating

Very accentuating


7 responses to “Attention fat tourists

  1. dctouristsandlocals

    Aaron – I think she is wearing sweat pants! So is the girl.

  2. Aaron Goldfarb

    The only choice in her situation is sweatpants or elastic “jeans.”

  3. that’s just rude. :/

  4. I hope you aren’t a member of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance aka. National Association for being fat and lazy and raising everyone else’s healthcare costs while blaming the system for your inadequacy

  5. that comment is awesome!

  6. Are these people tourists or could they be locals?

  7. I suppose there is a possibility that these people are locals, geetwo, but based on the fact that there are two tweenagers hanging with mom and dad on a weekend afternoon around the monuments implies otherwise. And afterall, they ARE wearing sweat pants.

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