Stuff Tourists Like – Obama Merchandise

WTOP reports that DC is running out of inauguration merchandise! Items like Obama bobble-head dolls and buttons are flying off the shelves. This could produce another marketing opportunity for those in home foreclosure (or just wanting to finally make some money on Ebay) – either make inauguration merchandise of your own, or get out there and buy up the shelves now so you can sell it later. Who wouldn’t want to show their grandkids this presidentially classy trinket?

Buy me!

Buy me!

You can also purchase METRO cards with Obama’s face on them! Or if you’re too cheap, walk around the Metro on inauguration weekend and pick them up off the floor after tourists have dropped them.


2 responses to “Stuff Tourists Like – Obama Merchandise

  1. In Florida they have the classy plates with Obama’s face on them for sale at Wal-Green’s of all places!

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