Hurricane Obama

An alert from Arlington Country advises residents to pretend that the inauguration is a HURRICANE! Last time I checked, tourists caused traffic and aggravation – not downed trees and power outtages. I don’t make this stuff up–

“Arlington is proud to be an important part of the Presidential Inauguration and celebrations. Arlington is expecting record crowds during the entire inaugural weekend January 17-20. Crowds and events during this weekend will affect all residents.

To prepare for this event, pretend a hurricane is coming during that weekend and expect large crowds, congestion, traffic and many delays. Getting around will be difficult at best so a common sense approach will be important. Be informed, make a plan, be prepared.

Sent by Arlington County OEM to All users (e-mail) through Arlington Alert”

I hope that means that we can have a hurricane party, get drunk, and run around outside in the rain… oh wait, it will be snowing. Either way, I’m throwing a party.

What if a hurricane really did come to town during the inauguration? THAT would be an event.


One response to “Hurricane Obama

  1. I feel like they’re talking about us as if we’re groups of zombies about to descend on their hometown.. If I lived in Arlington I’d start a gang and go from house to house knocking pool furniture into pools and opening and shutting screen doors

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