Another Obama Bailout Plan – Inauguration Jobs

He’s done it again! Obama is paving the way to employ Americans (even if it is temporarily) and bail us out of this financial crisis. WTOP reports that inauguration jobs are plentiful and offer quick cash. Among the jobs… selling Obama merchandise! You saw that recommendation HERE first! (And HERE second) Gold mine people, gold mine.


2 responses to “Another Obama Bailout Plan – Inauguration Jobs

  1. you could also purchase metro tickets with
    $1.35 on them and then resell for them for $5 to people outside the metro station so they dont have to stand in line waiting to purchase a fare card.

  2. Not a bad idea! I like your entrepreneurial spirit. I think this would also work for toilet paper around the port-a-potty farms. Disinfectant wipes might be in high demand too. There are endless possibilities!

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