Things Washingtonians Like – Valet Parking – Even for Bicycles!

Washingtonian cyclists are hard core. (I have a few photos in the backlog to demonstrate this fact, and will post them this week.) However, since Washingtonians also spend so much money on their sporting gear as we previously reported on this blog, they don’t like to leave their bikes just anywhere. Definitely not at the Metro with all the old and used-looking bikes, and they couldn’t even consider just tying it to a tree. What if theives cut down the tree? There is a solution – the Washingtin Area Bicyclist Association is offering VALET PARKING for your bike. What they will not help you do is 1. store your little clip-in bike shoes when you change into walking shoes; 2. provide you with a shower; or 3. give velcro valet claim tickets as may be appropriate to attach to your bike tights. They will also not provide you with actual pants to cover up the bike tights, so please bring some! I don’t want to look at your bike booty or brush up against you in the inaugural crowds… ewww.


2 responses to “Things Washingtonians Like – Valet Parking – Even for Bicycles!

  1. Aaron Goldfarb

    And what about their helmets?

  2. hmmm, if they are less than 8″ x 6″ x 4″ they can be carried in a bag the meets the official guidelines. Otherwise you might be SOL. I’d recommend wearing the helmets, because you never know what’s gonna happen in a crowd of crazy tourists hoping for an Obama sighting! If you do wear them, please duck down so that others can see, or else you might be whacked in the helmet.

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