PDA is not something you see on the streets of DC every day. Ok, never. DC is a very conservative (read boring) town where people really don’t express themselves; they just want to be average and not draw attention. I guess it’s not the type of town that really turns people on… unless they are staying at the Mayflower hotel with a stripper imported from NJ. This PDA moment was too good not to capture on film. I’m guessing they were tourists. (Note the old guy in the background with the disgusted look on his face thinking “Get a room!”)

Click on the picture to enlarge.


2 responses to “PDA


    haha. . that’s actually VERY useful information, as my boyfriend and I plan on being the most awkward couple ever on the bus to DC and at the circus (inauguration). Oh WE’LL BE FILMING IT alright.

  2. Do it! PDA apparently bothers some conservative people… not me in the least. Will I see you in the crowd on Tues? Will you send me pics of tourists??? I can’t wait.

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