Stuff Washingtonians Like – Acronyms

DC is probably the only town in the nation that actually has an acronym for it’s name. No one here says Washington – it’s always DC. It’s gotten to the point (for me anyway) where I am more proficient with the acronyms than with the actual names of people / places / agencies / offices / restaurant / event / whatever. If you say the whole title, I get lost. If you say the acronym, I’m right there with you. Even most of our streets are letters instead of full names – when I told my friends back home that I lived on O street, they always wanted to spell something out like “Oh street” or “Owe street.” Whenever I find a street with an actual name, it usually means I’m lost. Are we lazy, or highly efficient?

Everyday examples that tourists should memorize before arriving in DC (feel free to add your own):
HH – happy hour
GW – George Washington University
Gtown – Georgetown
NoVa – Northern Virginia
BWI – Baltimore Washington International Airport
DCA – Reagan National Airport
GW Parkway – George Washington Parkway
BW Parkway – Baltimore-Washington Parkway
TSR – The Salsa Room (club)
C&O Canal – Chesapeake & Ohio Canal (I had to look that one up – ohio?)
W&OD Trail – Washington & Old Dominion bike path
NW / NE / SE – Usually follows street names to dictate quadrant of the city. (SW is really small, because most of it became Arlington.)


5 responses to “Stuff Washingtonians Like – Acronyms

  1. Aaron Goldfarb

    Do people really say “HH”? Wow.

  2. It’s not so much that you say HH (while you do say many of the other ones) but you write it in emails, txts, and evites, because you couldn’t possibly call someone and actually talk on the phone. Around here, Evites are the only invitations people use. I guess that’s another thing Washingtonians like!

  3. “DC is probably the only town in the nation that actually has an acronym for it’s name.”

    The ATL (have we learned nothing from rappers?)
    The OC (euhhh..)

  4. Ok, I’ll give you LA. But on a map, you see Washington DC, not Washington, District of Columbia. You wouldn’t say to someone “I’m going to NYC today” – would you Aaron? They usually say “I”m going to the city” and everyone knows which one it is. And if we’re listening to rappers, we have to add MIA (take it to the house…) Speaking of rappers, what’s with the lack of spelling ability there? Not sure we should follow their acronyms

  5. Aaron Goldfarb

    Yeah, I would never say NYC,

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