For locals or tourists? Baracktails

Several DC restaurants are creating Barack Obama-themed cocktails for this weekend’s festivities, which you can enjoy until 5am on inauguration night (I know that is normal in most cities, but we Washingtonians usually get kicked out at 2 or 3). A few options:

Barack’s Fizz, featured at Urbana:
A sparkling-wine cocktail accented with Courvoiser, Grand Marnier, Maraschino liqueur, orange juice and strawberry slices.

The Dream, featured at Acadiana, Ceiba, DC Coast, and TenPenh:
A warm cocktail blended with bourbon, apple cider, honey and caramel.

First Lady Marmalade, featured at Firefly:
A blend of Ketel One Citroen, ginger vodka and a house-made Meyer lemon and ginger marmalade.

The Americano = Change, featured at Poste:
A mix of Bluecoat Gin, Campari and sweet vermouth foam

The Spirit, featured at Acadiana, Ceiba, DC Coast, and TenPenh:
Elderflower liqueur St. Germain, champagne, and white grape juice garnished with frozen grapes.

I’m going to try and sample all of them!

Urbana – 2121 P St. NW

Acadiana – 901 New York Ave., NW

Ceiba – 701 14th St. NW

DC Coast – 1401 K St. NW

TenPenh – 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Firefly – 1310 New Hampshire Ave. NW

Poste – 555 Eighth St.


2 responses to “For locals or tourists? Baracktails

  1. Aaron Goldfarb

    Unfortunately, no Obamagang beer!

    Yeah, DC needs to get a later last call.

  2. We did see a sign for an O-bomb at the Rhino in Georgetown – 1/2 shot of Baileys and 1/2 shot of Hennesey dropped into a Guinness, carbomb style. I wonder if they’ll still have that next weekend so I can try one…

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