Inauguration Photos are in!

I’ve just returned from the inauguration festivities, and let me say that it was such a great time! Not only because change has finally come to DC (and America as a whole), but also because there were lots of crazy tourists around for me to take pictures of. For all of you who did not go, I have plenty of pictures for you to share the moments with me. I don’t have time do share them all right now, but let me whet your appetites with this fancy ensemble, seen at Starbucks in Foggy Bottom:



8 responses to “Inauguration Photos are in!

  1. Aaron Goldfarb

    That jacket would go great with Aretha’s hat!

  2. The legwarmers are a nice touch too

  3. Aaron Goldfarb

    Any one remember Jesse Camp?

  4. I saw a lady using the American flag as a scarf. Top THAT.

  5. Jesse Camp. MTV VJ Legend. How can we forget.

  6. Haha, I was on Mtv with Jesse – no joke – with him and Carson Daly back when it was called the Carson Daly show (pre-TRL). Unfortunately he spent the summer in my hood.

  7. I never liked TRL. I didn’t really like most of the crappy musicians they featured, or the screaming kids, or pushing-40 host.. though the Eminem episode was amazing.

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