Metro Crowds on Inauguration Day

These tourists didn’t think there was room for 3 more on the metro car… but we showed them. Then, we scootched over to let 2 more in to the dismay of the tourists. The tourists, however, hadn’t even moved to the center of the car like the nice Metro voice tells them! So much to learn.



6 responses to “Metro Crowds on Inauguration Day

  1. I avoided the Metro. I noticed you guys don’t have many stations.

  2. There are plenty of stations, but they had several of them closed b/c they were conveniently located within the security perimeter. Apparently convenience wasn’t a priority.

  3. Ohh. No ninja turtles allowed I guess. It’s okay that KIND of makes sense because train stations are KIND of like sewers..

  4. Sewers… with rats or terrorists crawling around, no doubt. Ever read “The Cobra Event” by Richard Preston?

  5. Yes, if you want to be scared for your life every time you take public transportation from here on out… it’s a good read.

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