The Purple Tunnel of Doom

What is the Purple Tunnel of Doom? The truth is… we don’t really care, but apparently some very bitter tourists do. It’s a group of bitter tourists with purple tickets to the inauguration who didn’t make it into the seating area in time for the inauguration and complain about “relieving” themselves in the tunnel (gross). They’ve decided to organize themselves, similar to a union or protest, and are talking about class action lawsuits against the Obama administration. Read more at the Survivors of the Purple Tunnel of Doom homepage on Facebook.


4 responses to “The Purple Tunnel of Doom

  1. Not to worry, they are getting consolation prizes…photographs, videos, and assorted other Official Memorabilia!!

  2. Aaron Goldfarb

    Not good enough NISH! We deserve thousands of dollars!!!!!

  3. The Nation’s Capital will celebrate the effective, efficient security measures during the recent Inauguration festivities at the National Bollard Festival.


  4. I bet they are most sad b/c they did not have the opportunity to buy Obama sock puppets… I know I would be.

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