Tourist Invasion

I can’t honestly say that I’ve never seen so many people in my life, but I can say that I’ve never seen so many friendly and cheerful people in one place in my life. Everyone was in good spirits, despite the crowds and freezing temperatures. There was no pushing, no riots, no bombs, and only one incident of a rude tourist cutting us off and whacking my friend in the face with his folding chair. (To which we all pointed out to said tourist his rude behavior as he just walked away, and he continued glaring at us as if WE had walked into his chair as he cut across the mob, swaying his chair from side to side… besides, weren’t folding chairs on the list of prohibited items?) Anyway, here are some crowd shots I took:



2 responses to “Tourist Invasion

  1. I was surprised at how many people were nice. With a couple exceptions
    1. Northerner ordering cup of Swiss Miss from Southerners; he expected Starbucks-speed service, they were offering Southern hospitality in the freezing cold. It was funny. Then some lady fell over
    2. Lady jamming her walker into peoples’ backs followed by other lady who yelled at my friend for saying “She’s not any more entitled than we are”

  2. Hahahah – why did some lady fall over – lack of hot chocolate? sugar low?

    And two thoughts about the walker – I too hate it when people stand so close to me that they touch me with any part of their person, including a walker (skis jamming my snowboard in lift lines also royally piss me off) – but I bet people weren’t giving her enough room to even move the walker. Did people move out of the way once they got jabbed?

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