Thoughts on fat people

I have several posts about the fat tourists that visit DC and inspire me to walk that extra few blocks to the next Metro station. I just clicked one of the “possibly related” links that came up on my blog, and found a site where fat people blog about the reasons they are fat and why they cant and/or don’t want to be thin. Many of them denounce the “diet and exercise myth” or undesirable “lifestyle change” that people have somehow got into their heads as the means of losing weight. Many of the people state that they’ve tried all that… worked out for hours/day and lost weight, but somehow it all came back magically over time. Those very same people are the ones who comment multiple times on the blog posts, at all hours of day and night, to the tune of hundreds of comments/post. All of the commening people’s names that I clicked on also had blogs about being fat, with multiple posts and whatnot.

Hmmmm… the weight magically came back itself while you were sitting at the computer for hours and not exercising or dieting? I have no idea how that could have happened! Someone should do a scientific study on that one.


4 responses to “Thoughts on fat people

  1. Aaron Goldfarb

    It’s galling isn’t it? I eat poorly and God knows I drink a lot, but I also jog a lot too. Sure, maybe genetics will account for a few extra lbs. but these people are delusional excuse-makers of the highest order.

  2. I mean, if you’re comfortable with yourself and being a little overweight works for you, great. But I don’t see how being obese and 400lbs can work for anyone.

  3. That lady is crazy! Like hiding her face will make me think she is a better person, or not a fat ass! Muwahahahahaha! Did you read the love letter from the blind man on her about me page?! It can’t be scripted any better!!

  4. Wow, there is a whole movement on this fat acceptance thing going on – the fat and the thin are in a civil war! Check out some of the possibly related posts too. Do you think all fat people automatically hate all thin people because they assume that the thin people have given into the world of “pressure” to be thin? (Instead of the possibility that thin people actually enjoy working out and being healthy… or just despise being fat and unhealthy )

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