Entitlement Issues on the Bike Trail

Scene: Two 13-14 year-old girls are riding bikes on the trail. Angry Asian Tour-du-France dressed biker (complete with clip-in shoes, sponsorship shirt, and matching helmet) is racing the other direction, even though there are approximately 20 walkers, 6 bikers, and 3 dogs every 10 feet. In fact, he’s going so fast that the one girl doesn’t even see him coming, then can’t move over because her friend is in the way. She yells at her friend to get out of the way.

Angry Asian Tour-du-France dressed biker: “BITCH!!!!!” (yes, he called a 13-yr-old a bitch) “I’m gonna get you you little bitch!”
Swear to God, he screeches to a halt, turns his bike, and races back screaming at the girls, waving his hands, and pointing.
Then he RUNS BOTH OF THEM OFF THE TRAIL! He literally ran into them with his bike and knocks one into the other. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Girl 1: “I wasn’t yelling at you, I was yelling at her.
Girl 2: “You ripped my shoe”
Angry Asian Tour-du-France dressed biker: “Stay out of my lane! You stay to the right, not in my lane!”
Us: “Dude, that’s enough. They’re just kids.”
Angry Asian Tour-du-France dressed biker: [to us] “You betta watch you mouth”
Us: “Or what?” [What we should have said “Or what? Are you gonna try to bully us off the trail like you did to the little girls? Does that make you feel like a man? That would be a great story to tell the cops when they get here.” or likewise “You just called a 13-yr-old girl a bitch, and you’re telling me to watch my mouth?”]
Angry Asian Tour-du-France dressed biker: “Dey need to learn!”
Me: “You need to learn to share the path. It’s the law.”
My friend: “And you need to learn how to deal with kids.”
[What we should have said “And you need to learn not to be an entitlement-driven asshole, asshole.”]

Kids don’t get out and play enough as it is. No wonder the kids around here never play outside if they are constantly dealing with these assholes.


2 responses to “Entitlement Issues on the Bike Trail

  1. OpentheBlastDoor

    I think it would have taken every ounce of energy I had not to beat the living shit out that asshole.

    It’s disgusting that people act like that.

  2. Unfortunately many people who live in this area have the exact same attitude… especially on the road

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