Stuff Washingtonians Do – The Elevator Speech

Why is it that whenever I get into an elevator, especially in an office building, people like to tell me stupid cliche’s like “Guess this isn’t the express train” when you stop on multiple floors, or “is it Friday yet?” when you know damn well that it’s only Wednesday. Those cliche’s might have been entertaining the first time I heard them, but no more. I’ve been working for a while, and have worked in several different buildings, but the cliche’s are always the same. Another is “I wonder what it’s like outside” as if the outside were some parallel universe for which ordinary people are not permitted to have knowledge of its state.

A lot of recruiters tell you to have an “elevator speech” ready – basically an original 2-3 liner that describes you or what you’re after. If that’s what these people think they’re conveying, they’re pretty screwed. Maybe it has to do with the fact that most people in DC are drones who live to work, and have nothing interesting to say because they aren’t interesting themselves. That’s a sad, sad thought.


2 responses to “Stuff Washingtonians Do – The Elevator Speech

  1. Made me laugh. Come to Boston, all we have is sarcastic pessimists here. No elevator cliche -spewers.

    Sounds like somebody’s got the case of the Mondays..

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