Tourist Fashion – the Ghetto Fur



3 responses to “Tourist Fashion – the Ghetto Fur

  1. Fur is fur. What is this “ghetto fur” comment? What are you REALLY trying to say?!!! It looks like a cold day in the picture. So, someone is wearing a fur jacket. Big deal!!! There are too many other IMPORTANT things to worry about than what someone is wearing, especially since YOU didn’t buy it for them. This smells of “busybody” with an undercurrent of racism. There is NOTHING wrong with wearing fur, unless you’re jealous, angry, and frustrated because YOU don’t have a fur coat!

  2. Stop hiding your anti-fur jealousy and bitterness behind “concern” for animals. Fur coats are a LEGAL commodity, and noone should have to answer to you or PETA or anyone for doing something that is NOT AGAINST THE LAW! Go out and buy your own fur if you really want one! Most furriers have lay-aways.

  3. I do enjoy the random connections that people make… I post pictures of Obama, therefore I am a satanist who likes to kill babies and is going to hell. I post pictures of fur coats, therefore I am a member of PETA and somehow also a racist. I still haven’t gotten accused of anything interesting or otherwise far-fetched on my posts on fat people. I’m sure there is SOMETHING there you can accuse me of too. Or is it that you agree, and therefore you are a Fattist?

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