Locals Sport the Ultimate Fanny Pack!

I mentioned before that people around here don’t do any sports until they’ve invested tons of money in gear and clothing. I guess that’s tough if all you do is walk… but this lady found a way with the Ultimate Fanny Pack! It’s got double water-bottle pouches conveniently aimed at an angle so that you can grab and go without ever slowing down. It’s the ultimate gear for the ultimate speed walker! Get yours today.



2 responses to “Locals Sport the Ultimate Fanny Pack!

  1. God, I hate the runner’s fanny pack. I mean seriously, you can’t go jog two miles without having 60 ounces of water immediately at your disposal? It’s ridiculous. She probably has some liquid carbohydrate packs on her as well.

  2. The goo stuff… fantastic. I should have asked her to open it up and show me her supplies. I hope she’s got some hand sanitizer in case some of the other runners have swine flu!

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