It’s April People!

Fur coats are NOT necessary

Tourist Fashion should be season dependent

Tourist Fashion should be season dependent


4 responses to “It’s April People!

  1. …and weather dependent! In some parts of the country April can be quite cold. I’ve seen large snowfields in the high country of the west in late June/early July.

  2. P.S. It looks like a cold day in that picture. The coat is nice for an urban setting. Anti-fur bias is so didactic and despicably overbearing, like some unwelcome cultic doctrine which it really is! It is the new religion of our secular age: If you’re anti-fur you’re allright, saved, among the chosen elect, loving, caring, beautiful, enlightened,”compassionate”,”evolved”, among the new “spiritual” elite yada yada yada…yuch!!! If you’re pro-fur or indifferent you’re damned, a sinner, evil, cruel, cold-hearted, a bitch, fur-hag, monster, vain, ghetto-scum, cavewoman/man, Neaderthal, trash, fur-scum, need to be skinned alive, killed, harassed, stalked, assaulted, denigrated, propagandized (“educated”), deserving of scorn and ridicule, etc.,etc.,etc. I, for one see this for what it really is: envy and spite against those who can purchase that what is secretly desired (a fur coat), and that spiteful, jealous anger is disguised as concern or “compassion” for animals. It takes a bit of panache and self-assured poise to pull off wearing a fur with dignity and style, and from the pictures I’ve seen of the anti-fur activists, they definitely lack that special magical sparkle. They more resemble an angry, drab, frustrated lumpen that would probably fit the landscape of North Korea very well. After all the folks in that society are completely devoid of vanity (a quality seemingly despised by anti-fur coat types) except for the “Dear Leader”.

  3. Looks like someone has been reviewing that old list of SAT words… one should always check the meaning and spelling of such words before using them to try to sound intelligent – “neaderthal”

  4. PS – you may want to check your geography too…

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