Segway Tourists

Do they do this in any other cities??? These tourists are ridiculous…


5 responses to “Segway Tourists

  1. I think it’s worth noting that there are locals riding Segways, and arguably they look even more ridiculous. At least the tourists on the rented Segways didn’t pay $5,000 for their ride.

  2. Really – there are locals? How can you tell? Are you sure they aren’t just the tour guides? Although, that would make sense. It aligns nicely with my thoughts on how DC locals must spend at least 2% of their paycheck on sport gear before actually trying it, and given that the average Metro rider makes 102K/year, it’s not far off. Perhaps Segways are the new accessory for people with nothing better to spend their money on in a recession-proof city.

  3. I don’t believe we have Segways in NYC, but I sure as hell wish we did! There’s not yet enough ways that tourists can block me currently.

  4. midwesterner

    I’ve seen them in Chicago.

  5. I’ve definitely seen police men using them, especially in airports. I’m not sure if it’s one step above or below a bicycle cop.

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