Tourist Fashion – Hot Socks!

This lady’s outfit was so awesome that I had to take her photo twice



2 responses to “Tourist Fashion – Hot Socks!

  1. i see why you posted the photo but… she is out of HER country and does not give addam what we think as long as she is comfortable.
    could she get away with wearing shorts and those socks?
    short just are not as well ventilated as her summer dress. I live in az an I wear that type of dress about 9 months – no underwear required. or would you write me up if you knew lol?

  2. Actually, I’m pretty sure that she was an American, especially based on the choice of sneakers. I think I even heard a Midwestern twang… Is she YOU?? I did not investigate the underware status. But… um…. thanks for sharing.

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