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It’s a jungle out there!

Tarzan the Tourist

Tarzan the Tourist

I know it gets humid here in DC, but it’s not a jungle for crying out loud


Tourist Fashion – Hot Socks!

This lady’s outfit was so awesome that I had to take her photo twice


Tourist Fashion – the Man Bag is back!

Did you know that my blog is a hot spot for people searching for Man Bags on the internet? There’s a good reason for that. When it comes to Man Bag fashion, DC is the place to be! Check out all these Man Bags seen within a 30 minute period.

Locals Sport the Ultimate Fanny Pack!

I mentioned before that people around here don’t do any sports until they’ve invested tons of money in gear and clothing. I guess that’s tough if all you do is walk… but this lady found a way with the Ultimate Fanny Pack! It’s got double water-bottle pouches conveniently aimed at an angle so that you can grab and go without ever slowing down. It’s the ultimate gear for the ultimate speed walker! Get yours today.


Tourist Fashion – Pajamma Pants

Why oh why do they wear pajammas in public? Isn’t that something college freshman wear on their way to the dining hall? I don’t see any dining halls around here.


Tourist Fashion – the Ghetto Fur


Tourists from Russia


Where else would she get a hat like that? Where’s the raccoon tail on that thing?