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Fat Disadvantage – Emotional Virtual Reality

Slightly off topic from tourists- but on the topic of DC, and specifically the topic of Congress passing laws for fat America (many of whom are tourists). I found this “Fat Health Care Manifesto” on the Unapologetically Fat blog that I sometimes find humorous to peruse. In a time when this country needs to stay more healthy than ever to reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone, this post describes how fat people (at least this fat person and those who commented) blatantly deny the fact that they are driving up healthcare costs, and force people who work low-paying jobs to deal with illness or to wait hours in the emergency room because they can’t afford preventive care.

Instead, this “doctor” who allows fat people to make excuses for / blame others their sad state, just wants to sit back on the couch with her Bonbons and feel pitiful instead of getting up and doing something about it. It is illogical, ridiculous, and emotional to say the least. (An abundance of fat cells does increase the amount of hormones in a person’s body, by the way.) I despise people who just sit back and accept a $hitty situation instead of trying to fix it like any rational human being would do.

On to the “manifesto” and my commentary… If you have any commentary of your own to add, please do!
Fat Health Care Manifesto

Blaming fat people for the rising cost of health care is the moral equivelent of punching someone in the face, then suing them for the cost of dry cleaning when they happen to bleed on you.”
–First off, let me say that this is a terrible analogy. Nobody punched you in the stomach to make you fat; you did that all on your own. You can’t blame anybody but yourself for your inadequacy.

Aside from all the malarky about blaming adipose tissue for everything from genetic disorders to hangnails, most of the rising cost is attributed to “treatment” of “obesity”.
And I say No.
I am putting my foot down.
I will NOT accept blame for the cost of eradicating me
–Ok, then just don’t go to the doctor when you get obesity-related illnesses and diabetes. Problem solved.

I will not accept blame for the side effects of ineffective drugs, crippling elective and uneccesary surgery, institutionalized shame and disordered eating that is forced upon me in the hopes of making me disappear.”
–I’m not really sure what drugs she’s talking about, but spell check would have been helpful.

I refuse to own the discomfort my body causes others.”
–That’s too bad, because it really is your fault. This “don’t blame me for the consequences of my own actions” attitude is getting pretty prevalent in America these days, and it sends the wrong message to our citizens and our youth.

I will not admit fault in this, this cultural purge of the two-thirds otherness that reminds them of the futility of their quest for immortality through better pharmaceuticals.”
–I’m still not getting the connection between being fat and taking drugs to be immortal… but I digress.

“I refuse this particular bill. I plead not guilty, and reverse the charges. I am not to blame for their desire to make everyone look, act, eat and sicken alike.”
–This seems poetic, but not necessarily accurate or effective. No one “desires” that you look like everyone else. They just want you to be healthy. They don’t want to spend their hard earned cash to pay for your fat ass when it’s sick because it’s so fat. If I break my ankle running, I won’t ask you to pay for my cast. Return the favor.

Hey unapologetically fat people – you probably have a job (you can afford food), you probably have a nice house to live in (you have a couch, right?), you have a computer (to write pity-me blog posts and comment on them all day) and you probably don’t stress over many things like how to pay the bills or who will take care of your child while you are working 16 hours/day like those without healthcare do. Even stressing about your weight was too much bother, so you’ve decided to deny the issue. Instead of sitting around thinking thoughts of pity on yourself, why don’t you head to the gym and run on a treadmill? Or better yet, go volunteer at a soup kitchen where you can meet people who really need all the food that you take for granted. In the meantime, you might burn some calories. It wouldn’t kill you.


Fat Disadvantage – Pants


Fat Disadvantage: Your pants get scrunched up and twisted between your massive thighs, giving you a wedgie and the appearance of walking through a flood.

Sweatpants and Fat Disadvantage – a Deadly Combination


The disadvantage is that everyone can see the cottage cheese beneath your sweat pants. (Come on, you were thinking it too)

“Thin Privilege” and Fat Affirmative Action

Recently I’ve clicked on too many of the fat-related links that wordpress attaches to my posts… and found this one on “thin privilege.” This is basically the idea that thin people have all sorts of advantages over fat people, and how that’s just not fair (sigh, tear). Congress should forget about all this economy talk and wars and unemployment problems, and focus on the REAL issue, fat discrimination! Perhaps America needs some sort of Fat Affirmative Action policies to fight back against Fattism? …I didn’t think so either.

Just for kicks, here are some things being said by commenters in defense of being fat (and therefore underprivileged):

“- Diets don’t work, really, really, really, really.
– You CAN and SHOULD do and wear whatever you want at any size or shape.
– Nothing bad will happen if you eat whatever you feel like”

First of all, let me say that I completely disagree with every single one of those statements. DENIAL people, that is what I see here. And PLEASE, DO NOT wear a speedo/belly shirt/spandex if you are overweight or obese. PLEASE. I’m begging you. If you do, I will catch you on camera and make fun of you!

I’m starting this post category to point out all the examples of thin privilege that I see, and let you be the judge on my perceptions. First one…

Advantage of being thin: You can actually fit on the escalator


“Jamal, where is the elevator?”

Tourists = Lazy


“I just can’t walk anymore. Wake me up when it’s over.”