Global Tourism

I wasn’t aware that you could take a bus from another world, but according to these people, you can. Is that false advertising?



Tye-dyed pants

Is this really necessary?


Tourist Trick – Random Statue Poses

Mom – “Kids – get up on that Lion thing so I can take your picture!”
Kids – “What is that thing, and what does it have to do with Washington DC?”
Mom – “Shut up and look like you’re having fun! Every body say OBAMA”


Locals = Fat, but Trendy

noticed today on my way to work that there were several very large women looking frumpy, and that each of them had a nice, new, large Coach bag. I believe just as much as anyone else that accessories can make the outfit, but if you are >250 lbs, your outfit will always look will like shit, no matter what accessories you don. So what is the point of spending $600 on a Coach bag? News flash: your bag isn’t even big enough to hide inside! People won’t even notice your accessories behind all that flab, frumpiness, and sweater set from Talbots.

My recommendation is to return the Coach bag, get your $600 back, and spend it on a gym membership and personal trainer – or at least a subscription to Women’s Health magazine. In one years time you could go from flab to fab! The bonus? You’ll look good in anything you wear, even if it’s from Target. Then, and only then, should you spend money on accessories – when they can actually compliment the tredy outfit, not BE the trendy outfit.

Locals with Pride

Supporting gay rights?  A good decision.  Wearing that shirt?  Not so much

Supporting gay rights? A good decision. Wearing that shirt? Not so much

Gay pride that is. Here is a sampling of the hotness in the gay community here in DC.

Arlington = Yuppie Ghetto

Check out this video from new resident Remy (of Hey There Khalilah fame) about the ‘hood known are Arlington. We’re gangsta fo real!

Remy’s other entertaining videos can be found on YouTube or on

Today’s funny searches

I just have to share this – WordPress tells me what people were searching for when they found and clicked on my blog. The list is always hilarious. I don’t know why people are searching for these things, but I’m glad they do because it cracks me up. Here is today’s list:

marshmallow d.c. 1
his bulge 1
wedgie fat 1
dc man bag 1
fat women in fur coat 1
asian tourist poses 1
fat man sweat pants 1
why do asian tourists always pose in fro 1