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Stand on the Right!

This picture and commentary was submitted by loyal reader Dan:

Well, I guess it’s hard to stand to the [right] of the escalator when your body mass is taking up the whole thing.

fat tourist

Ironically, I think I see a gym bag….


DC locals show their disdain for Tourists with Peeps

Notice how the ones on the left are angry at the tourist (with the map – a tourist essential) who is standing on the escalator instead of walking.

Get outta my way Tourist!

Get outta my way Tourist!

You can find all the PEEP entries in the Washington Post Contest Here.

Tourist Trick: Climbing Trees


A tourist-MacGyver

Tourist Trick: Climbing Dumpsters


Don’t slip!

If Obama is Irish…

I guess this guy is Scottish?


Stuff Washingtonians Like – McMansions

Sure, the cost almost a million dollars when purchased, have depreciated to 40% their purchase price, are 1.5 hours from downtown work locations, are approximately 3 feet from the next-door neighbor, and are built in the middle of formerly vacant farmland or forests. But hey, this is America, and we love our McMansions.



DC Metro releases instructional video for tourists

Take heed! Or the talking Obama cut-out will come to get you.