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Stand on the Right!

This picture and commentary was submitted by loyal reader Dan:

Well, I guess it’s hard to stand to the [right] of the escalator when your body mass is taking up the whole thing.

fat tourist

Ironically, I think I see a gym bag….


DC locals show their disdain for Tourists with Peeps

Notice how the ones on the left are angry at the tourist (with the map – a tourist essential) who is standing on the escalator instead of walking.

Get outta my way Tourist!

Get outta my way Tourist!

You can find all the PEEP entries in the Washington Post Contest Here.

Metro Crowds on Inauguration Day

These tourists didn’t think there was room for 3 more on the metro car… but we showed them. Then, we scootched over to let 2 more in to the dismay of the tourists. The tourists, however, hadn’t even moved to the center of the car like the nice Metro voice tells them! So much to learn.


Stuff Tourists Like – Obama Merchandise

WTOP reports that DC is running out of inauguration merchandise! Items like Obama bobble-head dolls and buttons are flying off the shelves. This could produce another marketing opportunity for those in home foreclosure (or just wanting to finally make some money on Ebay) – either make inauguration merchandise of your own, or get out there and buy up the shelves now so you can sell it later. Who wouldn’t want to show their grandkids this presidentially classy trinket?

Buy me!

Buy me!

You can also purchase METRO cards with Obama’s face on them! Or if you’re too cheap, walk around the Metro on inauguration weekend and pick them up off the floor after tourists have dropped them.

Tourist Speak – best of 2008

The DCist blog has an archive of eavesdropping. (Full list here ) I noticed that the best quote of 2008 is about a family of tourists on the Metro. I would have loved to have been there for this one! Please send me your funny tourist quotes or tourist terminology, and I’ll post them here!

-Best of 2008-
At the Rosslyn Metro at 8:30 a.m. during morning rush hour:

Tourist family crams into a very crowded Metro car as the doors close.

Mom: “Wow, we actually made it! Wait, where’s Grandma?”
About 7-year old son: (points at platform) “Over there.”
Mom: “Oh no! We forgot Grandma! We need to go back. What are we going to do?!?!?! Grandmaaaaaaaa!”
Mom (angrily, to son): “I thought you were holding her hand.”
Son: “You said to get on the train. So I let go of her hand and got on.”