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It’s a jungle out there!

Tarzan the Tourist

Tarzan the Tourist

I know it gets humid here in DC, but it’s not a jungle for crying out loud

Tye-dyed pants

Is this really necessary?


Tourist Fashion – Hot Socks!

This lady’s outfit was so awesome that I had to take her photo twice


Fat Disadvantage – Pants


Fat Disadvantage: Your pants get scrunched up and twisted between your massive thighs, giving you a wedgie and the appearance of walking through a flood.

Super Tourist Fanny Pack

I think this one is made of leather – only the finest for tourists here in DC.

Economy Tourism

You just knew someone would find a way to capitalize on this crappy economic situation. These guys took to modeling.


Marshmallow Tourist


I’m not really sure why tourists still wear the matching sweatsuit ensemble. Didn’t those go out with the (early) 90’s?